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one-on-one coaching

Are you looking to...

Understand and accept yourself more fully?

Show yourself the same kindness you would a dear friend?

Respond more and react less?

Set intentional, self-compassionate boundaries?

Be a kinder, more present parent, spouse, partner, friend? 

One-on-one coaching sessions are designed to uplift and support you on your healing path.

I'll be your hype-person and listening ear as you navigate the layers and growth edges. 

Wherever you're coming from, we'll work together to identify your needs and define what progress looks like for you. 

One-on-one coaching includes email support, customized practices based on your learning style, goal setting (not for all clients), check-ins, and regularly scheduled meetings in person or via Zoom/Facetime over a three to five month time frame.  

Coaching for Queer, Trans, Non-binary and Gender Expansive Folks?

With a queer, non-binary coach, there is a container of shared experience of living as an LGBTQIA+ person..

Our sessions together will be a supportive space to explore personal growth,

whether or not that relates to your sexuality and/or gender.


I offer sliding fee pricing for LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and individuals living with disability..

If you are interested in one-on-one coaching,
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