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Please enjoy these free guided practices and recordings of my weekly talks.

Giving & Receiving CompassionEvolve Coaching
00:00 / 13:40

A short practice in savoring the breath, giving ourselves and others compassion.

Self-Compassion BreakEvolve Coaching
00:00 / 08:09

Take this short self-compassion break anytime you need it.

Affectionate BreathingEvolve Coaching
00:00 / 11:17

A practice of inclining affectionate attention toward ourselves and our breathing. 

Dec8_tranceandwakingEvolve Coaching
00:00 / 33:43

December 8 - What is Trance? A short talk on being stuck in what Tara Brach refers to as "trance" and how we can bring ourselves back to our bodies, our hearts, and presence. 

Compassionate Body ScanEvolve Coaching
00:00 / 39:55

Compassionate body scan

Self-compassion is not selfishEvolve Coaching
00:00 / 33:02

Dec 22 - A short talk on the misgiving of self-compassion; that it is selfish or self-abosrbed. Then a guided practice in giving and receiving compassion.

Motivating with CompassionEvolve Coaching
00:00 / 40:48

A short talk on motivating ourselves with compassion, followed by a guided practice of meeting our inner critic with curiosity and opening to our compassionate inner voice. 

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