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I want to support you in being kinder toward yourself.

I want to share the tools I've learned and practiced, because they have changed my life in such profound and unexpected ways.


My teaching is centered in mindful self-compassion. I believe that learning to mindfully cultivate compassion for the self is the foundation of a sustainable inner healing journey.  


Self-compassion practice helps us see ourselves and our lives more clearly; it supports us in relating to the inevitable challenges in our lives with greater equanimity. 

Self-compassion nurtures our inner wisdom and therefore supports us in acting from a place of autonomy. When we earnestly tend to our relationship with ourselves, we begin to honestly recognize where we need to make changes and set boundaries in order to live in alignment with our core values. 

Self-compassion also extends and deepens our compassion toward others.

It is a practice that transforms our inner world, and therefore the world around us. 


"When I signed up for the "Befriending Yourself" course, I didn't know what exactly to expect - I just knew I needed help to shift my mindset from being so self-critical and negative. Tiana absolutely delivered with amazing guided hands-on practices, facts, statistics and research, and genuine empathy and compassion in such a safe, loving space. I can't recommend this course enough!!" - Loralie Y.


Think of a dear friend; someone who you care about and have a good relationship with.

Think of a time when this dear friend was struggling; perhaps they recently lost their job or ended a relationship and they came to you for support.

How did you respond to them?

What tone of voice did you use?

What things did you say to them?

Now think of a time when you yourself were struggling.

How did you respond to yourself?

What tone of voice did you use?

What things did you say to yourself?

For many, the responses are vastly different.

When a friend experiences pain, insecurity or suffering, we often meet them with compassion, encouragement, and validation.

Conversely, when we ourselves experience pain, insecurity or suffering, our internal dialogue is often harsh, judgemental, and critical.

In this six-week course participants will learn practical, philosophical and research-based methods of befriending themselves. They will be guided in practices that will help them extend genuine compassion, encouragement, and care toward themselves. The course will include talks given by the instructor, small group discussion, journaling and reflection prompts, guided mindfulness practices, optional take-home practices, and a private, online community for discussion and connection outside of class.

​Next Session: TBA)

Self-compassion for chronic pain & Illness

A six-week series for individuals living with chronic pain to practice mindful self-compassion.

This is an opportunity to practice being with and sharing in community the complexity and challenges of living with chronic pain conditions. 

The focus will be on building resources to show ourselves and our bodies gentleness and  compassion...not to get rid of pain, but rather offering compassion for its own sake, because there is pain. 

Sessions will include teacher led talks, large group discussion, break-out room reflection and discussion time, mindful self-compassionate movement practices, and access to class recordings. After the six-week course, participants are invited to join an online community in Mighty Networks to continue connecting and practicing with others.

I've been living with chronic pain/illness for fourteen years. In that time, I've studied, practiced and trained in a variety of movement practices, as well as self-compassion and mindfulness meditation. These practices have been essential in being able to offer myself genuine care & support while moving through the challenges that come with chronic pain.

"I learned so much from Tiana throughout the Chronic Pain Yoga & Meditation class series, including: how to be present in the moment, how to offer myself gestures of affection to where I hurt, how to allow my body to be just as it is, and how to work toward acceptance with attention and awareness of my chronic pain. As someone who has been living with chronic pain for over 15 years, I never thought that I could have a better chronic pain journey; but, because of this class, I have truly turned my thought processes into self-compassion surrounding my chronic pain, and it has brought growth beyond anything that I thought would be possible while living with chronic pain."

- Emily C, previous participant

All sessions are live online in Zoom. 

Next session: Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00p (Central Time) July 21 - August 25

Sliding fee $20-$120 please pay what you can best afford at this time


Being a human is a hot mess.

Mindfulness practice can support us in navigating the hot-messiness with greater kindness, compassion, and connection both to the self and others. 

Mindfulness is an incredible tool for healing and growth; centuries of Buddhist wisdom and modern neuro-science demonstrates mindfulness to be powerful in lowering stress, gaining insight, extending perspective, and increased contentment with life.


In this four-week series, students will be given a warm and friendly introduction to the practices of mindfulness. The series is meant to open the door to the numerous ways we can practice mindfulness, and the innumerable benefits it can offer us. 

"This series was very welcoming to all, and focused on the individual experience. It was great to work on mindfulness in a group setting and I learned from the other participants and found their worries, concerns and trip ups reflected my own. I highly recommend this series for anyone regardless of their experience doing mindfulness practice." - Erica K.G.

This class is donation based. 

Please pay what you can best afford between $5 - $75.  

All sessions are live online in Zoom. 

Next session: TBA


A four-week series for the LGBTQIA+ community practicing mindfulness meditation and yin yoga. This series is led by a queer, gender non-conforming, trauma informed instructor.


This is an opportunity to practice being with and sharing in community the many joys and challenges of living in the world as a member of the LGBTQIA+ family.

Each session will open with a 25 minute meditation, followed by 10-15 break-out room reflection and discussion time, and finishing with a 30-45 minute yin yoga practice. 


Allies to the LGBTQIA+ community are respectfully asked not to attend this group in order for there to be a space of shared experience.

Mindfulness is an incredible tool for healing and growth; science and research has shown mindfulness to be a powerful tool in lowering stress, gaining insight, extending perspective, and increased contentment with life. The practice has also been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

"While “yang” yoga focuses on your muscles, yin yoga targets your deep connective tissues, like your fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. It’s slower and more meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body. Because you’re holding poses for a longer period of time than you would in other traditional types of yoga, yin yoga helps you stretch and lengthen those rarely-used tissues while also teaching you how to breathe through discomfort and sit with your thoughts."

All sessions are live online in Zoom. 

Next session: TBA 

Cost: Sliding fee $40-$100

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