​Next Session: Feb 24 - March 31 Wednesday's 6:00-8:00p (live online)

PAYMENT PLAN: 4 payments of $50.00

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Befriending ourselves supports growth and healing by creating a safe, encouraging internal voice. Think of a time when you failed at something and a friend, parent, teacher, etc. responded to you with understanding, compassion, and support rather than berating and criticisng you. 

How did you feel? Were you more or less motivated to learn from your mistake and grow? 

Research shows human beings learn better and thrive when met with honest support and understanding; this applies to our internal world as well! 


If you’ve struggled with perfectionism, imposter syndrome, or feeling just “not good enough”...

If your inner critic is loud, judgemental and critical…

Then this course is for you.

There’s no getting out of your relationship with yourself, so why not invest in making it a healthy and supportive one? 


In this six-week course participants will learn practical, philosophical and research-based methods of befriending themselves. They will be guided in practices that will help them extend genuine compassion, encouragement, and care toward themselves. The course will include talks given by the instructor, small group discussion, journaling and reflection prompts, guided mindfulness practices, optional take-home practices, and a private, online community for discussion and connection outside of class.


** Scholarship opportunity. Please complete the application here: https://forms.gle/RGFeHWpuX3d6bJwH9

Payment Plan - Befriending Yourself