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"If you're curious about it at all just do it,
your peace of heart and mind will thank you."
- Katie D.

Melody V.

"Tiana’s fierce sense of inclusion and body positivity has been instrumental in healing decades of feeling less than or never enough.   They have the innate ability to get to the heart of issues and allows you the courage to step outside of your comfort zone. Their philosophy of stepping out of “safe” but not to the point of “overwhelm”, has helped propel me to a point where my former overwhelm is now my safe zone!  I have developed a whole new appreciation not just of my body but of my whole being with Tiana’s guidance. 


Wendy H.

"My confidence has grown tremendously since working with Tiana. I had an eating disorder for 15 years and even though I no longer struggle with food, my body image has always been poor. Since working with Tiana, I have learned how to appreciate my body the way it is today, and let go of all weight and size goals. I now move my body and enjoy dance and music with other people of all sizes and shapes without shame or fear.
Tiana exudes positivity in all settings.
In my one-to-one sessions with them, they have been so encouraging. They are emotionally and mentally present, pays close attention, they see my small improvements and are a wonderful cheerleader. When I ask for feedback their comments are always gentle, genuine and individualized to me.
Working with Tiana has created significant change in my personal growth that I can be proud of.


Cassidy S.

"Investing in the self kindness series (and subsequently investing time in myself) was the best gift I could have ever given myself. Tiana is the best facilitator I could’ve ever hoped for. I was nervous to attend, but those nerves flew out the window the minute we all gathered in a circle and Tiana welcomed us. Tiana and the rest of the group made me feel SEEN in a way I never have before.   The series offered a safe space to be vulnerable about things I’ve never been brave enough to talk about before. And Tiana KNOWS THEIR STUFF! They taught me so many effective strategies for confronting my inner critic and the anxieties that sometimes plague me. In a gentle, compassionate manner, Tiana pushed me to go deep and do the work. I’m happy to say that by the end of the series, I’d had an epiphany that I wish I would’ve had years ago. I feel lighter. I feel free. I understand myself so much better, and I no longer waste my time berating myself for not meeting some fake “perfect” standard society has imposed on us. I hope the self kindness series will be a gift you give yourself, too.

Sonja O.

"I just truly enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to grow more in awareness of self along with self kindness/selfcompassion as well as being more conscious of my inner critic and how that impacts my life & daily living. It was great being able to put into practice different techniques through the weeks that were beneficial to both me and others. I am so very grateful to have been a part of this series and would highly recommend it to others. Thank you again so much."

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